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Adam Lenox

Adam was born in 1968 in New York. At the time, his birth place; Greenwich Village, was pivotal in redefining Jazz and Rock ’n’ Roll. As son to the world renowned com­po-ser/singer/songwriter, Bob Lenox, Adam’s babysitter roster read like the who’s who of Jazz greats. He grew up peering up at the likes of Stevie Wonder, Keith Jarrett and Kris Kristofferson and went on to while away his teenage years living in a 5 star hotel, in the renowned Jazz community; Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania. Here, he played bass in his father’s trio. When not performing with dad, Adam worked alongside countless musical legends: Dave Liebman (Miles Davis), Gerardo Velez (Jimi Hendrix), Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith), César Diaz (Bob Dylan) and Steve Missal (Billy Idol). Late night gigging and performing with his father to 30,000 strong crowds at the BCVC folk festival, naturally led onto Adam playing the Manhattan club circuit. Adam has a humble take on things; “Growing up in New York, at that time, was a “learning by osmosis” kind of experience. It’s inevitable that anyone in that position would have got caught up in the music.”

From 20, Adam widened his horizons to Europe. He hopped back and forth playing on tv and radio shows and touring with musical productions. At 30, he decided to settle in Berlin; “I figured I could make a living doing my thing there, and I felt much more at ease in Europe then in New York.” In his new found musical home, he knuckled down to writing music, record producing, composing film soundtracks and playing bass on tour with “Guitar ”Crusher and the Midnight Rockers”, “Queen Yana and “Pete Bender”. Meanwhile, having been a staff writer at Warner Records with Robert Palmer and Alan O’Day, his father went on to release over 20 records on various major labels; many of which Adam has co-written and performed on.

The World Expo 2000, Hannover, inspired the formation of Adam’s music production company, “Studio Arts”, which created multimedia and music content for location based entertainment. As company Director, Adam produced the content of 6 of the World Expo’s international pavilions and went on to enjoy three more years of composing, recording and choreographing the audio-visual installations of major corporate events and municipal cultural/historical celebrations throughout Germany.

By 2003, the “child of rock” was getting restless; “I’d had enough of suits, meetings, computerised music and light deprived recording studios. I missed playing live. So, I set up the event band “Brooklyn Bridge”. We specialise in Motown, Soul and Pop and engage only the best of black American guest vocalists.

It felt good to be on the road again and I never could have predicted how big it was going to become.” The popularity of ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ underlined a heavy demand for authentic American music in Europe; “People started calling on me for more of the same. It’s as if they just couldn’t get enough! The excitement that this music was generating reminded me of my early days in Greenwich Village.” Adam fast became the man to call on all things music related and, in 2006, his music booking agency ‘Brooklyn Bridge Consulting’, Berlin, was born.

“I’m convinced that live music is due a renaissance in Ibiza

As the 2010 season beckons and the 120,000 population braces itself for up to 4 million additional visitors, Adam is poised and ready; “I’m excited at the prospect of launching IMA to play an integral part in making people’s celebrations more seamless, spontaneous and unforgettable!”

What has never been in doubt is that the easily accessed tropi­cal backdrop of Ibiza is set to play host to many more weddings, private parties and corporate events to come. Much like Pete Tong’s boost to house music on the island, Adam Lenox brings more welcome energy fuelled by a genuine love of live music. Music being one of the island’s most celebrated trademarks; this surely cannot be a bad thing. •